In Plato’s cave we congregate

Content to be the top primate.

Our own self-worth we overstate.

In light of day, we’re far less great.




Part 1: Fundamentals

            000 Prolifex (reproduction)

            049 Progeny (offspring)

            105 Insides Out (ingesting)

            141 Tents and Temples (shelter)

            213 Mammon’s Mantra (finance)


Part 2: Infrastructures

            241 Leaden Leaders (goverance)

            281 Applied Energy (work)

            325 Mediacrity (the media)

            413 In Practice (law and order)


Part 3: Global Interaction

            461 Planet Plunder


            533 Ends to Means 
                   (global conflicts)


Part 4: Transitions

            613 Soul Salve (belief systems)

            675 Curling Up (dying)

            743 Candide’s Lament

            765 Step out into the light