Insides out (ingesting)

Monosodium glutamate

in most foods that we masticate.

Our drinks the makers caffeinate:

we think this will rejuvenate.



It doesn’t take a diplomate

to know we shouldn’t drink phosphate.

Don’t smoke, detox, decaffeinate;

use diets that desalinate.



With good food we capacitate.

Eat badly, we dilapidate.

Food oils we hydrogenate.

Kill fungi with Merthiolate.



When wanting to exhilarate

it’s common to intoxicate

with alcohols that lubricate:

fermented from the vines baccate.



But after all we drank and ate

we ingest much bicarbonate.

As stomach ulcers aggravate

our mouth glands start to salivate.



We loudly belch and flatulate.

Cascades we then regurgitate.

Leave puddles where we urinate

then wait in queues to defecate.



In slurred speech we alliterate.

Our throbbing dull heads acerbate.

For fast relief we aspirate

a few breaths of amyl nitrate.



We pop some pills to stimulate

nerve systems to accelerate.

We like to soar and elevate

to worlds beyond those of our fate.



Or search for something to sedate

and help us to eradicate

the demons we hallucinate

in darkened realms within our pate.