Step out into the light

In Plato’s cave we congregate

content to be the top primate.

Our size, cast shadows overstate.

It’s time we seek a new template.




© Charles Rocco 2022


Meandering with words

No Contest
the waxing red
sweet peach beneath
a languid sky
and pink spring day
lazy luscious
hot soaring light
recall diamonds

like love can be

a stormy bare woman
in shower spray with rusty hair
rose petal suit of boiling mist
drives away sad urges
death in a dress
drunk on drool
fast shot lather up
sordid sausage apparatus
mean moaning moon scream
finger fiddle friendship
one less pound of pole please
it is about need, not want


 Life”s Bitter Beauty
mad winds elaborate
a purple juice smear
as enormous forest gown 

a thousand summer shadows
lie as water tongues
never sleeping
puppy lick breast milk
girl eat chocolate egg
men heave rock
feet smell sweaty
mother cry blood
the goddess is armed

see honey sun
and smooth blue sea
together sing
a symphony
as time blows by
above our head
dream of gardens
the whisper said
franticly play
swim in cool lake
run through black rain
& live with the ache

some gorgeous panting beat
will stop after use
but but but but bed

Show Bag
TV lust likely
Must have overran him/her
So like weed on drip

picture these here, she say
you ask to watch
sit not go, she say

you do

chant ugly
repulsive man/boy
who crushes language
worships fluff
stills all shine
he is raw butt meat

Time Will Come
are there of my what
when if though yet no wanted
let those put it why