Leaden Leaders (governance)

As leaders, we just barely rate.

We narrowly habilitate.

By any means we dominate

with cover-ups like Watergate.



To rule supreme our one mandate.

Each one of us a potentate.

The world is ours we estimate.

The good that’s done we then negate.



With colleagues we collaborate,

but treat the rest like excess freight.

We bully and manipulate

and choose not to negotiate.



Our custom to prevaricate:

an instinct in our genes innate.

Deception is a skill connate.

For these sins we will not lustrate.



A lot of crap we fabricate,

reality we obfuscate,

the vital facts we expurgate

and falsehoods we enunciate.



Unbridled greed we instigate.

Vast funds we misappropriate.

We take, but fail to compensate.

These acts we always exculpate.



In question time equivocate

and with straight faces nuncupate.

Ignore those who interpellate.

Long-term goals we abominate.



The voters we conciliate.

At conferences confabulate.

Amendments we intercalate.

In question time we hibernate.



Opposing thoughts, we denigrate,

though like minds we can tolerate.

We love those who ingratiate

and help us to re-nominate.



Two fingers high that bifurcate

from all the crowds that execrate

this growing global feudal state

where overlords officiate.