Prolifex (reproduction)

It’s in our genes to fornicate.

A pleasure we much advocate.

We have great need to illustrate

capacity to captivate.



Our aura we exaggerate

and private parts we depilate.

Ply creams so skin won’t corrugate

and blemishes don’t replicate.



Wield loofahs to exfoliate.

Add rich scents to infatuate.

With baubles bright that pendulate

in efforts to become ornate.



From heads protrude our ears lobate.

With pins and studs we can punctate.

Dangle earrings from orbs prolate.

The same both sides to counterweight.



And draped across our omoplate,

gold necklaces with charms lunate.

On fingers, stones of silicate

that jewellers facet and serrate.



Wristlets the size of a vamplate

enhance the task to self-decorate. 

To bed we go with lustful gait

We’re ready now to titillate.



We pucker up and osculate,

agreeing to inseminate.

Fast comes the time to penetrate.

We clinch secure and consummate.



When swimming sperm capacitate

the female seed can germinate.

A nine-month sentence to gestate

in warm dark caves that incubate.



The bulging tummy we palpate

and feel a being palpitate.

The swollen breasts start to lactate.

New life begins to maturate



With great success we procreate.

Hold lovingly our neonate

and back slap to congratulate

the ease with which we propagate.



Though if we’re gay instead of straight

or just prefer to masturbate,

men can their penis elongate

and harmlessly ejaculate.



Or women can the hips gyrate

and with a dildo self-vibrate.

Then sperm and eggs stay inchoate

and children don’t proliferate.